It’s good to be back!!! Hope you’ve had an awesome summer! Sure did around the Lab, nothing but outside time, kayak’s, bikes, family microbrews, good music, food and solid fun.

It’s podcast season again, as the temps get colder it means it’s time to create some heat in the basement! I’ve tweaked the show a bit, less me blahblahblah-ing, and more just let the music do it’s thang.

I’m also going to wedge in more classics, remixes and favorites each show, just so much good music out there already, so many classics, so little time! gonna make sure those jem’s see the light of day!

Also look forward to more guest mixes, sure we’ll get Dj JR back in here for another mix.

Anyway, today, rerubbing some of my favorite tracks from this year and throwing in some speed garage from the vault getting ready for the Glow reunion party in Detroit on November 10th.

Enjoy! 🙂

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