1 hour of deep progressive house and trance, uplifting and dark in equal measure… enjoy.

***This was also an interesting mix for me as this is the first time I used ‘In Key’ mixing and worked the track selection based not only on tempo, mood and feel but, what key’s worked well together***

Track List: Echoes Of The Alien Phoenix

Alien (Shingo Nakamura Dub) Poison Pro, Miusha Proton Music Dm
Phoenix (Kobana Remix) Roddy Reynaert Colorize (Enhanced) A
Echo (Original Mix) The Puffballs Nueva Digital F#maj
Converted Universe (Original Mix) Fon.Leman Intricate Records Dm
Singidunum (Original Mix) Vintage & Morelli Fuzzy Recordings Am
Formula Rossa (Original Mix) Above & Beyond Anjunabeats G#m
It’s A Plucker (Original Mix) Anton Pieete Rejected Gm
Multiverse (Mimax Remix) Jaytech Anjunabeats Dm
Poltergeist (Original Mix) Mistol Team Round Triangle Am
Midnight In Goa (Moshic Remix) Neon Sudam Recordings Dm
Time Is by Your Side f. John Ward (Nigel Good Remix) Aerosoul G#
Silk Royal Records

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