Deep latin techno house vibe with an acid edge. Deep in the jungle Funky Nassau has a techno soul, ya know. Slow burn mix, drums, bass and voices rise in crescendos, and disapate like waves.

Track List: Whiskey Spirits & Valium Skies

1 Liberation – Original Mix DJ Ayres, Nadastrom
2 Gorgora (Original Mix) David Gtronic, Jetro
3 Funky Nassau (Original Mix) Federico Scavo
4 Let’s Bounce (Original Mix) Jason Chance
5 Va De Samba (Original Mix) Solar Sides
6 Cause And Effect (Original Club Mix) UMEK, Groovebox
7 Chica (Zwart Mix) Sofian Rouge Frederic Faupin
8 Don’t Think (Original Mix) Julian Jeweil
9 Balls (Alex Jofer Remix) Josh Wink
10 Jungle Drums (Tom Middleton 3D Dub) The Modwheel
11 Spiritcatcher (Original Mix) The Modwheel

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